IRS News - Beware: New Phishing Alert

23 Mar 2017 10:25 AM | Anonymous

NEW - 3/22/2017 Phishing Alert 

The Internal Revenue Service has received reports at of an email scam that claims to be an update from a legitimate state CPA professional organization. Instead, it is a scam that seeks to steal password information.

The phishing email uses the name of a legitimate tax preparer who may also have been victimized. The email contains a PDF attachment that claims to be a “Secured File.” The attachment contains a hyperlink to view the file that the recipient is directed to open. The link directs the recipient to a phishing site that asks for the recipients email address and password.

If you receive an email similar to what has been described above, DO NOT click the links in the email. Delete the email immediately.

Keep this security tip in mind - If you receive an email with a link in it from someone that you either don't know or aren't expecting, never click on that link until you've contacted the sender and made sure it is safe. 

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