Why Join VSTAP

  • Because you want to be a part of an organization that is working on your behalf to keep you up to date on the latest in the tax world.
  • Because you want to participate in the best Continuing Education courses available, taught by tax professionals who are encountering the same issues you face each day.
  • Because you need an organization working on your behalf to protect you against laws that harm your business.
  • Because you want to be a part of an organization that is looking to ensure a talented pool of students are entering the industry through Career Education programs.

How to Join VSTAP

You can apply for membership in the Society online. 

Apply online  

VA Society of Tax and Accounting Professionals
8100 Three Chopt Rd. Ste 226
Richmond, VA 23229

All major credit cards and checks are accepted.  Checks should be made payable to: ASV. 

If you need a paper application, please email us at: asv@virginia-accountants.org

Dues Payment Policy

Membership dues are payable as of July 1 and run through June 30. Payment of dues is required when you submit your application. Deposit of your payment does not imply acceptance in membership. Applicants not received in membership will be given a full refund.

Membership Categories:

Applicants must apply at the highest level of membership that they are eligible. All members must agree to follow the Virginia Society of Tax & Accounting Professional Code of Ethics

Active Members:

Active Members have full rights of membership, including rights to vote and hold office. Active Members are persons in the practice of accountancy and/or taxation (owners or professional staff) and agree to fulfill 
the minimum required hours of 60 CPEs in a three-year period and 2 CPEs of Ethics per year. In addition, Active Members must meet any one of the following requirements:  

  • Possess a valid permit/license as a Certified Public Accountant or such other title as may be granted under state law for the practice of accountancy for the public.
  • Accredited in accountancy or taxation by the Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation.
  • Enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Possess either an associate degree or a baccalaureate degree with a minimum of 24 semester hours in accounting.
  • 3+ years of public accounting and/or taxation experience. 
Associate Members:
Associate Members have full rights of membership, excluding the rights to vote and hold office. You may consider applying as an Associate Member if you do not meet Active Membership requirements. You must meet one of the following requirements for Association membership, which are:
  • An employee of an accounting and/or tax practitioner firm who is not a member of the professional staff. 
  • An employee in the government, a financial institution, private sector business, and/or a non-profit entity who's primary duties are in the field of accountancy or taxation.
  • An educator who is employed as an instructor in accounting at an accredited university, college or community college. 
  • A retired member who has attained the age of 65 or over, and who is retired from public practice.
Out-of-State Members:
Out-of State Members do not reside in the Commonwealth of Virginia and they have the same rights as Associate Members. 

Student Members:
Student Members shall have the same rights as Associate Members. The applicant must be a current full-time student of an accounting education program and have less than one (1) year of accounting or tax work experience. Upon renewal, student members must submit their current semester's registration to VSTAP to remain eligible for this member type. 

©2019, Virginia Society of Tax & Accounting Professionals, formerly The Accountants Society of Virginia, 
is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

8100 Three Chopt Rd. Ste 226 | Richmond, VA 23229 | Phone: (800) 927-2731 | asv@virginia-accountants.org

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