VA Tax - Sales and Use Tax Electronic Filing Mandate for Quarterly Filers

02 Jul 2013 3:24 PM | Anonymous

The 2012 General Assembly passed a new mandate affecting Sales Tax dealers. Effective July 1, 2013, all dealers must file and pay Sales and Use Tax electronically. Dealers designated as Monthly filers were subject to electronic filing requirements beginning with their July 2012 returns.


Dealers who file on a quarterly basis will be required to file and pay electronically beginning with the July - September 2013 return, due October 21, 2013. Seasonal filers must file electronically beginning with the July 2013 return, due on August 20, 2013 or the first subsequent month the business has taxable sales. For those taxpayers transitioning to electronic filing and payment methods, please bear in mind the following information:


  • Pre-printed sales tax return coupons will no longer be mailed to taxpayers.
  • Sales tax returns must be submitted electronically each period they are due, even if there is no tax due for that month.
  • Returns and payments must be submitted electronically on or before the due date to be considered filed and paid on time.


Not all of the Department's electronic filing options offer the same electronic payment methods. Taxpayers should consider their preferred method of payment when selecting an option for electronic filing. See the below comparison guide for information on the payment methods supported for each filing option.  


Filing Option

ACH Debit?

ACH Credit?




Business iFile



Web Upload




Click the name of any method in the above guide to start filing.

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